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Ninjago Boyfriend Scenarios (Discontinued)

Ninjago Boyfriend Scenarios (Discontinued)

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!The_Yaoi_King¡ By xXxZombie_KILLERxXx Completed

The title says it all

HeartOfGold12 HeartOfGold12 Mar 24, 2016
I love this game. My brother,when he plays it, turns with the remote, as if turning with it will help him turn better :-) :-) ;)
LunaDragneel_ LunaDragneel_ Aug 10, 2016
Tbh i didn't think there were fanfics like this 😹😹👌👏
Gold121221 Gold121221 Jun 02, 2016
Idk why. A story just popped into my head.
                              Lloyd: UGH! YOU LIKE HIM!
                              Me: Wtf? No, you like her!
                              *argues for hours*
                              Lloyd: FINE! I LIKE SOMEONE! *tries to point at you* *PUNCH!*
CronaTheLona CronaTheLona Jul 18, 2016
~Your stare was holdin ~ ~riped jeans skin was showin~ ~hot night wind was blowing~ ~where you think you going baby ~
Darkgecko87 Darkgecko87 Sep 10, 2016
Lloyd would never punch a girl in the face like that. I hope.
ThatPinkPony ThatPinkPony May 20, 2016
ONG FROZEN AT THIS TIME??? Although I am not over the songs...
                              LET IT GOOO!!! LET IT GOOO!!