Spy In Disguise

Spy In Disguise

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Sammy is 17 and a spy. Most of the worlds strongest organisations are against her, she has stolen the Mona Lisa, Crown Jewels, the Queens Corgis', the priminester's son, the Kohinoor diamond and the torch from the Statue of Liberty. She has never had a boyfriend and never been friends with any other boy than her brother. Her next mission is harder than the rest. She has to prove to herself that she doesnt love her new Mission partner, Tommy, and that he is just a friend.

Add a revengeful family, Sammy's new boyfriend and whole load of missions and you get the messed up life of Sammy Gordon.

Sammy is on a mission, a mission of love.

_MissinHalfOfMe _MissinHalfOfMe Aug 12, 2015
Instead of using reverse you can use opposite it would more sense just some constructed criticism if not it's ok since it is ur story
EliSummers EliSummers Mar 22, 2013
Leaving the reader with a cliff hanger, the best way to leave a chapter. :3
ZahiraJ ZahiraJ Mar 09, 2013
I like this, it's an awesome start. The plot is original and interesting :D Adding it to my library <3
Rooliganpea Rooliganpea Mar 09, 2013
Love it! Such a great start to the story! I love your writing style and I think the story line is really interesting :D
xxNiaxx xxNiaxx Mar 04, 2013
First of all, I think it's really well written and humorous. I chuckled when she listed the things she has stolen and when she wanted to overhear the conversation of her mum and Ryan! There's a tiny mistake in line 1 I think; you say 'NOT even me' instead of 'even me'. I liked it! :) x
speedeereader speedeereader Mar 04, 2013
I love the name Maddie! It's a good beginning. I will add this one!