Zara's Wolf (Book 1 of the Zara's Wolf Trilogy) BWWM

Zara's Wolf (Book 1 of the Zara's Wolf Trilogy) BWWM

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Jo Lee Hunt By Joflower Completed

[Complete] "He follows me around like a predator seeking a moment of weakness before he takes down his prey. 
But his eyes are soft and tell me a different story."

Eighteen-year-old Zara is a born and raised African-American city girl. She's always seen the mountains in the distance, but never once set foot in them--until she wakes up one night in the middle of them with a raging thunderstorm overhead and no memory of how she got there.

As if her situation couldn't be more terrifying, she finds a wolf staring back at her in the darkness. Just when she thinks she's about to become his next meal, she discovers that he is not what he seems.

Despite her weaknesses and limitations in the wilderness, their journey together becomes a test of trust. But when Zara learns the truth, she's not ready to accept it.


**If you're looking for a unique and engaging wolf-shifter story, please join us on the journey. However, if you are looking for the typical werewolf clichés (alpha's my mate, mate rejected me, abused MC, or super-special-rare white wolf), you won't find them here, but hopefully you'll give this story a shot and enjoy reading something different.**

An adventure that develops into an interracial romance.

Ages 12+


"I absolutely love it. It has a uniqueness that I haven't seen before." - LJSummers

"This was amazing. One of the best werewolf stories I've read." - foodlovr09

"I sat here biting my fingernails as I read... This is simply gut wrenching!!! ...And I'm not a fan of wolf books either... But THIS!!! Zara's Wolf is incredible!!!" - Somerlea

"Zara's Wolf is an enthralling rollercoaster that not only serves as one of the best werewolf novels on Wattpad, but one of the best books of all time! The main protagonist is a wonderful character who makes you feel involved in her own way. This is a fantastic debut to what could be a fantastic series." - BradfordAuthor13

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I am also Canadian.  Happy to have found your story, Joflower.
I'm so glad @hello_gurl34 referred this book. I absolutely love these kinds of books
omg. i read it as United Kingdom and was so confused 😂😂
EvieLeox EvieLeox Sep 12, 2016
I've only read the first word and I love it already. 10/10. If this book ever gets published, I'll buy 10 copies and throw them at people so they can know what excellence is.
Honestly, I've read many books where the main female character isn't white. If anything, it's the MALE main characters that are rarely of colour.
Jelo712 Jelo712 Nov 19, 2016
Yes ...another masterpiece from joflower can't wait to read it.....