Don't let me go (MayXDrew)

Don't let me go (MayXDrew)

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Sorry. By MayDreamer1 Completed

After Drew gets in a fight with Harley, he gets suspended from 3 contests.
In rage, Drew storms out into the forest. 
Once may tries to calm him down, he screams at her for her poor skills. 

This leading to May's heart being shattered, and causing her to run away, leaving her pokemon behind. 

As winter rolls around, Drew fears he may never see May again.. Because of HIM!

With great courage, the coordinator sets out to find the girl he'd learned to deal with and like.

Oreo-Queen Oreo-Queen Aug 06
Wynaut: the contestshipping Pokémon.
                              Wynuat make contestshippers know that Pokémon ship too. 😀
BrekAbigail BrekAbigail Jun 30
Did you see it online?? I've been searching for the episode all over...
KhaalidSapphire KhaalidSapphire May 30, 2015
great especially when drew beat harley and harley wouldn't say that if brock and ash was there
Red_Forever13 Red_Forever13 Jan 09, 2015
I know why do only weirdos like me *goes to corner* I'm just going to stand here till I cry myself to death
Squinkies121 Squinkies121 Dec 14, 2014
Who What Where Wynaut is one of my favorite episodes just because of May and Drew in it :P