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Frank Iero x Reader Fanfiction

Frank Iero x Reader Fanfiction

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Belly Jelly By RussianKitty1234 Completed

((Y/n- Your name

H/c- Your hair color

H/L- Your hair length

Y/H- Your height

E/c- Your eye color

F/c- Your favorite color

F/f- Your favorite food

You're sixteen but turn seventeen during the school year (September- June) and Frank is sixteen but is going to turn seventeen in October. School starts in September.

Enjoy c: ))


This is what this new town felt like to you.

You're far from anything that you adored. 

Far from your school, which you actually liked now that you're reminiscing about all the memories you've had there. And far from friends that will cherish those memories as much as you do.

You're gonna miss a lot of things from your hometown.

But of course, you're not eighteen yet so you have to relocate with your father because of his idiotic job tansfer.

The people here, as far as you can tell, don't seem friendly and are kinda rude. It's a small town and there seems to be nothing to do, except an old looking roller rink and comic book store.

You sigh as yo...

juyriding juyriding Mar 31
OH thought that was only 'daddy' frankie that would say that (we are all pervs)
She was acting pretty, thought she owned the city, someone should've told her that pretty ain't a job!
I quite honestly like that song. Ryan Ross is beautiful at writing songs.
why is her father so chill about her being later for school on her first day?
It actually means beautiful in Italian, so, of course it's pretty!
- - Nov 28, 2016
casey is not a pretty name
                              i am a MANLY MAN 😤😤😤😤😤