You are beautiful (Boyxboy)

You are beautiful (Boyxboy)

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PhoenixFirebird7 By PhoenixFirebird7 Updated Jul 09

Cody wasn't always 'fat'. But now at 18 all he can see is the flab and the double chin. He's given up on finding the perfect man for him, as far as he's concerned no ones interested. 

Then he meets Hunter. Mr. I Could Be An Abercrombie Model But I Think Your Cute Hunter. 

Hunter's mission: show Cody just how beautiful he really is.


Gosh, I can relate so much to that because I have weight problems and sometimes lose and others gain but always have that sort of embarrassment whenever it comes to eating before people... so I just don't eat. Perhaps that is worse, though.
Doteboo1 Doteboo1 May 10
Hmmm.............cake. God. The cake of the gods. The gods of cake and milkshakes.
Troublesome Troublesome Jul 15
Actually deceased cuz this statement is too true. I went into hollister once and I never felt so fat and ugly in my life lmao 😂😂
Babyellis13 Babyellis13 May 18
Man big boys at the best cuddle buddies lol they're like big teddy bears! So comfy
I wish i was there to see the couple. They sound sooooooooooooooooooooooo cuttttttttteeeeeeee😍😍😍😍😍