Loving HIM

Loving HIM

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"I can't believe it's been two years ago-today I left Geralt Witcher of Rivia to his lonesome self after he broke my heart." Jaskier mumbled to himself as he sighs getting ready for another 'show'. 

Jaskier was a male stripper/prostitute, yes you heard me a male adult entertainer, constantly abused, sexually assaulted and is almost killed daily. 

*Flashback to 'the day'*
When Jaskier left Geralt he stumbled into the bar hopelessly ordering his usual ale when a man approached him offering him "An opportunity of a life time" to become rich, Jaskier obviously shook the mans hand immediately making the worst choice in his life. 
*End flashback*

Also, the first chapter starts off pretty straightforward so you know, don't read if you don't like it.

⚠️MUST KNOWS, Disclaimers, blah- blah, etc.⚠️
-This is set in modern times (21st century) 
-I don't own any of the Characters, show or any music featured in this story
-There is going to be abuse and sexual assault mentioned in this story
- course languag  
-Mention of mental illness, (Depression, anxiety, anorexia and suicidal thoughts).