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Adopted by Cameron Dallas

Adopted by Cameron Dallas

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Cecilia Dawson By DixieDarling Updated Jan 11, 2015

The brunette boy ran quickly on a beach in Los Angeles as to finish his daily workout. While stoping in front of a long row of beach houses for a rest, he heard a faint vulnerable cry. It sounded as if it were coming from in between two of the homes. Looking to make sure no one was capable of seeing him, he dashed to where the cry seemed to be coming from. He approached the pathway slowly. Fearful of being caught the young man continued sprinting down the breezeway until he tripped over a small cardboard box which laid in his path. After quickly scoping out his trail he bent down the box and opened it. The 19 year old couldn't believe his eyes. What rested in front of him made his heart skip a beat. There in the cardboard compartment laid a newborn  baby girl.
Copyright Cecilia Dawson, Geaux-Breaux "Adopted by Cameron Dallas" Inspired by Ashlyn Rose Carter's "Hearts and Rockets" Wattpad 2014 all rights reserved

Imnbdyimportant Imnbdyimportant Feb 25, 2016
I want to say aww but she isn't legally his and that's gonna cause trouble and I don't want that
RaeAnnaBoehm0921 RaeAnnaBoehm0921 Feb 13, 2016
The baby Rae-Ana has the same name as me but mine is RaeAnna