Living With the Bad Boy

Living With the Bad Boy

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Joey McDonald is the girl who barely anyone ever notices except her friends. 
Joey is told that she has to go live with her mother's, friend's, family for only a week. When Joey gets to the house she finds that the person who lives at the house is the popular 'bad boy' of her school, Daniel McCasey. Daniel wants nothing to do with Joey, when something happens and Joey has to stay longer, will Joey and Daniel grow on each other or will they hate each other even more.

It might be a little cliché but we all need a little :)

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BlazeMoon77 BlazeMoon77 Sep 04
For a 4 year old.....that's quite a lot of kid 😃😃
Does anyone else stop shaving their legs when the school holidays start?? 😂😂
                              Might just be me... 😂
het1610 het1610 Nov 25
Okay she's 4.four she's not ment to know this os even speak right not even a ten year old would
jejiakajsb jejiakajsb Aug 17
I'm 13 I'm 5'4 hazel eyes light brown hair and no one notices me cause I'm trash xD
BlazeMoon77 BlazeMoon77 Sep 04
What a good daughter......wished I had her qualities 😢😢 eh
NoodlePoop NoodlePoop Oct 24
I would take my poor pizza and slap her across the face with it then walk away laughing!