My Perfect Art (Deidara Love Story Starring You)

My Perfect Art (Deidara Love Story Starring You)

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[Name] Matsuri grew up in Iwagakure with her best friend Deidara. People usually mistake her as his younger sister due to she had the same color as his hair. Her nick name around the village was 'The Twin Bomber' She got that name from being seen around with Deidara bombing everything.

      The day when [Name] and Deidara came face to face with the Akatsuki members was the worst day of her life. The moment that damned eye Uchiha made a deal if Deidara lost he had to join Akatsuki. She knew the outcome wouldn't be good. [Name] being asked to look in his eyes, did as told. She then passed out, not knowing what happened. When she woke up, Deidara not being around, [Name] vowed to find Deidara and show that damned eye Uchiha a piece of her mind.

A year later, [Name] found a boy, no younger than her. She took him on her journey, helping him with his Shinobi ways. Two years later, going through towns and Inn's she was able to find someone who was in contact with Akatsuki and made a deal. Instead of going to their base bursting in, she spied on them. Following, Deidara and his teammate on their way back from their mission, Deidara sensed they were being followed and threw a kunai directly at her. She quickly avoided it, revealing herself smiling.

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First song that popped in my head at the first 3 words.
                              It was dark, and I was over, until you kissed my lips and you saved me. But there's a side of you, that I never knew, never knew 
SabakuNoShikai SabakuNoShikai Jun 02, 2017
acharlesurreal acharlesurreal Dec 03, 2016
Also, did anybody know who that girl with Deidara is? On the cover. If not, its someone named, Amani.
iza_iza_loves_shizu iza_iza_loves_shizu Nov 21, 2016
I love that scene so much omg.
                              My favourite part is when Deidara goes on his long 'true art' rant (which I support cause art is an explosion) but then it's like:
                              Sasori: Disgusting
                              Kisame: Is he finished?
                              Itachi: Who knows. Who cares.
DrawingLady DrawingLady Dec 16, 2016
Not to be rude, but its kind of strange when you say they both have blonde hair and you see a girl with red hair in the cover
RisaAnimeReads RisaAnimeReads Sep 29, 2016
I love how you went into the scene from the anime and manga love it