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Sexy Short Stories

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Sexy Short Stories

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shower scene



I liked this new school. But it was so different. The school was like an old castle. Or insane asylum. It had more rooms than I had even seen before. The whole area was closed off from the world. I lived in a dorm room at one of the other buildings. Thankfully one by my self. It was set up for two. But I don't have a roommate. I think that was the best part. My family sent me here to go to school. Since I was a big embarrassment to them.

My name is Chloe winters and I am a lesbian. Well I think I am. I had dated guys before but none of them really did it for me. I found out that I liked girls when I was at school and I took gym with other girls. I found out that I liked to watch them undress. That's when the gym teacher found out and told my parents. And since the are very rich they sent me here away from them to hide what I am.


I turned on my computer and logged on to my "special account." I have found a place wher...

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booknerd_96 booknerd_96 Dec 14, 2011 more interested in the lena stalker love thing....not the gay stufff...nd it really was weird
DestinyBree2013 DestinyBree2013 Oct 20, 2011
You should make this longer!!!!!! PLEASE UPLOAD AGAIN!!!!! <3
baybiepnay baybiepnay Oct 06, 2011
oooh man that was good!! I can't wait to see who mystery man is!! Lena is waiting for him!
baybiepnay baybiepnay Oct 06, 2011
Loved it! So good!! So steamy I like!! Is she going to see him again? I am so curious who the guy was and if she knew him! I want more! =]
sym113 sym113 Jun 29, 2011
ohhhhhhhhh its the same guy in all of them isnt it cool i look for more soon !
WhiteRabbit17 WhiteRabbit17 Jun 01, 2011
wow. I'm at a loss for words. in a good way. I can't wait to read more about Lena and secret lover man.