1D - Dirty Imagines (Niall Horan)

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I don't take requests. Sorry to anybody who wants a personal one. Before you read, read this;
    THESE ARE VERY INTENSE AND IF YOU ARE -14 I WOULDN'T READ IT IF I WERE YOU. It's just a warning, and please, don't get pissed off and come crying to me, if you can't handle the stories. Sorry for being blunt, but that's just how I am. 
    I like to talk to my followers, so inbox me :) Any requests will be ignored.
I shall applaud your wide varied knowledge miss *claps impressed* I am amazed....TELLME YOUR SECRETS *^*
So I got a puppy? Cool beans. I shall call it Llain, because that's Niall backwards.
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                                    SO I HAVE A PUPPY AND GET MARRIED TO NIALL
                                    Holy shit best imagine 10/10
                                    Wish it was real though,ah ha ;D
Niall's dick size is 7.7 inches,Harry 8,louis 7.4,liam 10.02,Zayn 7.8.......
My Cousin LOVES Monopoly And He Also Collects Them And Every Game Day We Play Monopoly BTW I like this Imagine!
Can you make me Nialler imagine? :D  
                                    (My name is sierra! Thx Xx)