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Blaze: The Unexpected Life (BOYxBOY)

Blaze: The Unexpected Life (BOYxBOY)

137K Reads 5.9K Votes 92 Part Story
WriterBoy242 By writerboy242 Completed

Blaze: The unexpected life is about a young boy going through the trails and tribulations of his hard life. Trying to deal with family, friends, drug dealers while coming to grips with the fact that he is gay. He finds love in a hopeless place and life suddenly turned out for the better.

__Kwazy __Kwazy Jul 11, 2016
Usually its books about the person being too dark skinned  but i like this it puts a spin to things
Erieeeeee Erieeeeee Jun 23, 2016
It's sad that you treat him so badly he doesn't want to be alive anymore, so sad. 😔
tae0812 tae0812 Oct 05, 2016
You can not blame that on him😒....let me meet blaze and i will give him the well needed affection
Erieeeeee Erieeeeee Jun 23, 2016
What kind of mother says that? I'm really getting tired of this lady.
napham05 napham05 Jun 17, 2015
mjay your stories are the truth! blaze is my fav! I'm just waiting on roc and rj to get together in part two!
                              P.S. patiently waiting on part two!
codyscott92 codyscott92 May 24, 2015
I had to get the app an read your stories your work is amazing