The Night School  (GxG) (Lesbian Stories) #Wattys2016

The Night School (GxG) (Lesbian Stories) #Wattys2016

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I am Grace. I've got a decent life, ordinary as ever, just your average girl trying to live through the many wonders of her first high school year... Uh... I like sleeping, eating, daydreaming and I think this girl named Hazel who showed up in the middle of the year as a transfer student. She is about as emotional as a rock... But she is drop dead breathtaking despite her lack of any sort of compassion or social-ness... Yeah I know thats not a word, deal with it. Anyway, she comes into my life, and she pretty much knows all about me in the first few hours of my ranting in her presence... But I know exactly nothing about her. She never shows up for the last period of the day, never calls, texts, emails, never says anything about her family or her life outside school... I didnt even think she lived outside school, I guessed she just went poof and vanished... That was my theory, until I learned that she has a really  unbelievable job, and a serious need for a social life... In my opinion, anyway... Well, guess thats it. 
Not. Even. Close.
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Lesbihonest here, you're so gay and it's radiating off of you.
Me when I see a fine af person whom I can't have yet still want to obsesse over😂
I’m not even tripping cuz I have a stupid habit of scrolling through book chapters and saw the epilogue says ‘forever’
Me before I met my wife. Except I was less robot-y and more sarcastic.
All I feel for hazel is pity I don't hate her I just feel bad
Yup that says seventeen... not fourteen. Whew I almost read that wrong