Kidnapper's Affection

Kidnapper's Affection

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Angel Devera was the most influential and known artist of today's century. She can hit the highest notes in just a blink of an eye. A full stage performer just like Beyonce rené. Her life was perfect, for she was the 'Monroe' of her generation. Her perfect bubble suddenly burst into an instant when one night, after her concert, a terrorist bombing had happened in her arena. She panicked and loses all her hopes of living. She tried to escape the menace that appeared, but only to be put in jeopardy when a guy with deep, hazel nut eyes suddenly kidnaps her and brings her to an unknown cabin in the woods. She wants to get out of the place but one thing is for sure,

she cannot resist her kidnapper's affection.

There are too many secrets hidden within her kidnapper's smile from the very start. It's up to Angel, on how she would unfold all of the secrets that had been kept ever since she was kidnapped. The secrets are connected to her fame, to her friends and especially to her family. One thing sure that will happen once she'd learned the secrets, it would make her question her love for his kidnapper.

(This is in Taglish, more on tagalog)

A/N: This book can be your source of happiness, joy and excitement but on the other hand it can be saddening, excruciating and irritating. Warning! You've been warned. :)

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