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Ran away and Now I'm Back Bitches

Ran away and Now I'm Back Bitches

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_yfvb_ By _yfvb_ Updated May 02, 2015

I was walking down the steps to the kitchen. Once I was down stairs I was greeted by a punch to the stomache. While I was on the floor I was kicked. I looked up and saw my parents brother and sister. "Get up you worthless piece of shit" yell my father while my mother pulled me up by the hair. 

"Get your fatass into the kitchen and make us breakfest we only have and hour until we got to school" yelled my sister while my mother still dragging me by my hair to the direction on the kitchen. She threw me in there then they all started kicking, punching, and calling me names.

5 minutes after they left I finally got up and cooked breakfest. I was thinking 'why does my pack hate me?? Why does my brother hate me? Why does my sister hate me? Hell... why do even my own parents hate me?'

I didn't notice I finish cooking food for everyone that lives in the pack house. I set up the rest of the plates on the dinning room table, when everyone started coming down to eat. I went up to my room ,which ...

I'm reading this in science before class starts (science is my first period also)
When they said can we keep her i thout she isnt a dog but i thout she's a warewolf so she i tehnicly a dog
I've heard enough. *shakes head and proceeds to pull out different weapons laced with silver and wolfsbane *
Papi-Coco Papi-Coco Apr 22, 2016
Wait -what her mom and dad dint die 👩👨👦👧💑😒😕
Bunny757 Bunny757 Jul 20, 2016
Yassss you go Alexandra. You better tell those dicks. That's right leave and come back and woop some ass.
arlexiascathaway arlexiascathaway Oct 05, 2016
I'm confused because the first chater said her parents sister and brother were beating her up but now she's talking to the alpha she says her parents are dead her brother hates her her sister hates her and her pack abuses her i like the book ove to but I'm confused