Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before (Girlxgirl)

Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before (Girlxgirl)

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Elizabeth J.  Rose By prncss_jzmn Completed

Taylor Larson doesn't know who she is. Stuck in the awkward senior year existential crisis stage, she's failing half her classes. Her boyfriend is showering her with unwanted attention as prom sneaks up on her and she's sinking ever further into her pit of lies. 

Talia McKenzie is on a fast track to an ivy league college and is validictorian of her class of 2015. She's a bit nerdy when she wants to be, but when she is reminded of her peer tutoring promise she made in sophomore year, her entire world is turned upside down. 

 Taylor and Talia both have a secret that could quite possibly tear them apart if it ever gets out, but what happens when their secrets become...THEIR SECRET?

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Jannik12H Jannik12H Nov 29, 2017
Funny. Theres a youtuber who made a insider out of it because hes not good at school and thats the smartest word he knows.
AmyChristie AmyChristie Apr 11, 2017
I've never  shown the real me to anyone because I feel like my friends wouldn't like me so this hit close to home
deadlyjpg deadlyjpg May 30, 2017
okay but have you ever heard the word glomerulus? it sounds so nice i think i want to put that as my child's name.
Poseidon_Athena_14 Poseidon_Athena_14 Apr 05, 2017
It's also known as the ER at least that's wat my 6th grade bitch of a  teacher told us to think of it as
I learned what a ER was in fifth grade. Private school perks.
januarilima januarilima Dec 26, 2017
I had same situation with my last girlfriend, and I feel really bad.