Masquerade Bliss (#2)

Masquerade Bliss (#2)

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j e s s i c a By Explosively Completed


[COMPLETED!] After the whole world found out about her fake relationship with teen heartthrob, Blake Ryan, Mikayla Tracer is now the face of the most hated girl in the world. And to make matters worse, her best friend had betrayed her, her best guy friend has given up on her, and the guy she had fallen in love with has abandoned her for his everlasting fame. As her life falls apart piece by piece, she finds herself lost in the real world, all alone. To escape her mess, she disguises herself with the help of blonde dye and the unexpected.

With a new name, new friends, and a new boy in her arms, Mikayla finds herself happy...for once in her life. She has started fresh, and there's nothing that can stop her now. But how long can her masquerade last before someone discovers her little secret and her true identity?

Cover by @infallibles

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May_13_ May_13_ Jan 02, 2015
I'm soo  excited for this book to come out its so good I just can't wait!!!!!
beaxts beaxts Aug 12, 2014
When is it going to start writing it? Just wondering...are you going to finish Frame by Frame first or...? I really can't wait for the sequel!!! Maybe if you could tell what month you'll start it? @Explosively