The Lone Werecat

The Lone Werecat

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dontsaygoodnight15 By dontsaygoodnight15 Updated Jun 08, 2016

DISCLAIMER: I did not make this lovely cover it was made by: XXrogueXlucyXX they do all sorts of covers so you should totally check out their cover shoppe book!

WARNING: this was my first book ever written, plus I was like 12 when I wrote it so It's a little cringy , so please don't judge too harshly. Thanks to everyone voting and showing support though! Also there are a few chapters missing, so please don't comment about it. I will not be editing it, because I am honestly done with this book. I would take it down, but its gotten so much support that it wouldn't be fair to any readers who really enjoy it. i always hate when authors do that, so i wont be doing it myself, and on that note have fun reading! 

Jade knew she would never find that 'special someone'. Because her family is weird like that. Every one hundred years there would be a child born in her werecat family that just didn't have a mate. Jade was fine with this, in fact she is happy to not have to deal with this mate stuff. Her family/ pride doesn't treat her right knowing she is a defect. They treat her like their slave, so what happens when seventeen year old jade finds herself as the pet to the alpha of a wolf packs son?

BlazeWyld BlazeWyld Apr 27, 2017
Okay when i read little kittens i mewed aloud and i sounded like a real kitten 😸
princezz_cupqwake princezz_cupqwake Feb 24, 2016
It's ok don't feel bad it's not ur fault there was nothing  u can do to prevent  it
green1000 green1000 Mar 23, 2016
Don't sweat anything, new writers will get the hang of it soon.