I Broke His Nose When I Was Five...2: Zoe's Story.

I Broke His Nose When I Was Five...2: Zoe's Story.

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Zoe, Leo, Logan (Art), and Damon: Age 10

Mystery Boy--Age 12


"Leo, you say it," Damon said.

"Is that an order?" Leo asked.

"It certainly isn't a suggestion." Art put in. I rolled my eyes.

"Shut up all of you. I'll say it. One, two three...not it!"

"Not it!" They all said together.

"Who said it last?" Leo asked.

"I couldn't tell." Art said.

"Why don't we just do inky-binky-bonkey?" Leo asked.

"Inky-binky-bonky is sad, the donkey died." Damon said, frowning.

"Fine, we'll do Mickey Mouse peed on a house. Nobody dies in that." I said.

"But there's vandalism."

"Shut up Artie." Leo groaned.

"Hold on, I gotta pee." He turned around and pulled down his pants, peeing in the bushes. Leo slapped a hand over my eyes. "Damon!" He barked.

"What?" I heard the zipper of him pulling up his pants and he turned back around. Leo removed his hand.

"Can you hurry up? I have a book I need to get back to." Art looked proud of himself.

"You just like rubbing it in our faces that y...

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