Vengeance { FINISHED }

Vengeance { FINISHED }

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Alex M. Ryan By alexmryan Updated Apr 23

What would you do if you found a naked person in your backyard?

Yep, you heard me right, a naked person in your own backyard, just laying there, face down in dirt? 

And not just any naked person, a young adult male with extraordinary looks that can put Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty, to compete shame and a physique that every male and female in this planet would crave and desire for. 

Don't know?

Well neither does Avery Greene, a seventeen year old girl who doesn't like surprises, especially nakedly sexy ones. And things get much more complicated than they already are when Avery notices that the naked boy is badly hurt, is very delusional and has small causes of amnesia. 

Avery's immediate thought is to call the authorities and let them handle this bizarre situation, this is way out of her control, especially since she's a high schooler, not an adult. Yet when Avery looks into the eyes of the beautiful naked stranger laying in her backyard, she can't help but wonder how he got there, why he's terribly hurt and why he keeps whispering the word, Vengeance.

Started: February 7th 2020
Ended: April 23th 2020