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Agent 13 (Book 1)

Agent 13 (Book 1)

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~K~ By Quidam13 Completed

"With all due respect sir, adding a new member to this team will only slow us down."

"On the contrary, if anything your team will slow her down."


She's the ghost story you tell around a camp fire. The monster that hides in your closet. The nightmare that wakes you from your sleep. She's the definition of the word 'deadly'. She never smiles, never shows any emotion other than a blank stare. Unless, she's pissed, then it shows. She doesn't trust any of the other agents, only the chief. She doesn't play nice with others. She's a solo agent, always works alone, but that's about to change. Respect her and she'll take a bullet for you. Mistreat her and she'll put a bullet in you...if you're lucky. She's Agent 13...

***Book 1***

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This sounds like me when I tell my parents why it's 4pm and I'm still in bed
WootHoot7 WootHoot7 Apr 07
Rereading book one
                              Started series Feb 13th
                              Finished series March 29th
Achoo_007 Achoo_007 5 days ago
                              Me every single time I come back home from school
tc5322 tc5322 Mar 13
I love it already! I think a good book has a good author with a great personality! I can tell it will be an awesome book already! Also, if you are interested in CL stone or Ghost Bird type books, you could check out my book: The Academy Genius
If this is the real agent 13 then SHARON CARTER!!! If this is fanfic NEE BOOK!!!!! :)
me when my mom said i should be home at 7 pm and the clock says 7:01 pm