Agent 13

Agent 13

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"With all due respect sir, adding a new member to this team will only slow us down."

"On the contrary, if anything your team will slow her down."


She's the ghost story you tell around a camp fire. The monster that hides in your closet. The nightmare that wakes you from your sleep. She's the definition of the word 'deadly'. She never smiles, never shows any emotion other than a blank stare. Unless, she's pissed, then it shows. She doesn't trust any of the other agents, only the chief. She doesn't play nice with others. She's a solo agent, always works alone, but that's about to change. Respect her and she'll take a bullet for you. Mistreat her and she'll put a bullet in you...if you're lucky. She's Agent 13...

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***Book 1***

I can't wait to read it XD please tell me the main character is me in the future!
Softball94 Softball94 Sep 05
Don't know why I laughed so hard idk why lmfao!!....excited to start this book lol.😁😁😁
I feel like this is a more mysterious version of the super why song. Super why. He's the guy
How would you tell us ahead of time if you died? Oooo I know you travel back in time just to tell us your about to die.
I was going to scroll down to d next chapy, and then I see the list of reason and I scroll back up to read😺😼😸😪🙆
I LOVE THIS BOOK! I've read it so many times. On different accounts