Beloved One {Vampire Knight Fanfic}

Beloved One {Vampire Knight Fanfic}

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Hiro37 By Hiro37 Updated Nov 18, 2016

                                                                  { Akiko Yuri's point of view} 

         I was running again. The snow hit my face. Relieving me of everything. I sat down in the snow thinking what to do next. Suddenly a flashback came into my mind.

                                                               { Flashback}

         I was playing with Kaname. He was my only friend he always made me feel better and have fun while I had to do every thing. It was the first time we met. We became friends. We were on a hill talking when he brought up this school called Cross Academy he said he wanted to go there to make humans and vampire live in peace. He even showed me where it was.

                                                              { End of Flashback}

     I got an amazing idea from this . I decided to go to Cross Academy. From my knowledge I kmow that this school is a half vampire half humans, but they are seperated into two different classes and groups. ...

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dragons_love dragons_love Nov 22, 2014
there is no music to listen to it's not there can you please check on the I'd like to listen to it
                              the chapter its self was really good i enjoyed it
Milkshake_dzarena Milkshake_dzarena Sep 15, 2013
The video on the side is totally not a lullaby lol other than that good job!
Hiro37 Hiro37 Nov 05, 2012
Thank you,but sadly I can only update on weekends because of school :( :'(