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Exceptions Eridan x Reader :3

Exceptions Eridan x Reader :3

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"Become One..." By PockyPrince Completed

You were walking along the beach with a heavy heart. You had recently had been dumped by your now ex-mate sprite Sollux Captor, all because he simply fell out of love of you, for someone kicked the ground in frustration and utter agony, remembering all the beautiful times you two had spent together, tearing up, you sigh and look down at the sand, you see a rock and pick it up, it was shining very brightly, it reminded you too much of him, so you threw the rock into the ocean, only to hear something near the surface. Inching closer to the shore, careful not to get wet, (it was late at night and you couldn't exactly see well in the dark) once a bit closer, you saw bubbles coming up on the surface, and not long after, you saw a purple steak in the water, then a head, it's violet-irises staring a you, with a cold, death glare. "Stupid landwwellar". You cross your arms. "Hey, that's not very nice." The figure scoffs. "Wwell neither is gettin hit on the fuckin head."

Fallingrain78 Fallingrain78 Mar 27, 2016
Ahahaahaahahahahaahahahaha.  Eridan is a killer, we all know it.  Thus why I love him, i share murderous thoughts.
flooferfluff flooferfluff Nov 22, 2015
im listing to Ugly Story while reading this plus im Aquarius XD
Kami_Vantas Kami_Vantas Aug 04, 2015
me:wow so in this my matesprit sollox    leaves me!♋-♊ = T,T
cancerousIntegrity cancerousIntegrity Feb 24, 2015
when ii 2aw the comment about the reader being curled up like a cat, Ii iimmediately thought of a black butler fanfiic where the reader ii2 a neko.... iidk why tho
PockyPrince PockyPrince Aug 25, 2014
Wwhatevver, you can't deny it anywway...*smirks as he whips his scarf around his neck and walks off proudly like the prince he is, then stops for a moment and winks back at him, then continues walking to go back to his hive*