The Case Notes of Dr. Monday

The Case Notes of Dr. Monday

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C. M. Rosens By CelticRose Updated May 30, 2018

Welcome to the wierd and wonderful world of Dr Monday.  Give him a minute to put his face on (literally) and wait for those six magic words:

The doctor will see you now...

In "Parenthood", a mysterious death on a cliff above the town leaves Dr Monday, his apprentice and his secretary holding the babies...

In "The Morgue Attendant", Dr Monday's town gets a new pathologist - but how to explain that in Pagham-on-Sea not all the corpses stay on the table?

In "Broken Glass", a little spectral surgery is required when a carrion-crunching ghoul falls in love with a ghost trapped in a mirror - the doctor needs to be called!

In "When You're A Stranger", Dr Monday's apprentice gets his first solo house call and is forced to reflect on his career path when his every move is narrated to him by a disembodied voice. 

Read these short stories and many more in the Urban Paranormal collection, The Case Notes of Dr Monday! Bonus Extras and news about the full-length novels & novellas are to be found at the back of this book. Short stories will be added *before* the News and Bonus Extra chapters.

COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES - - read them in ANY order. 

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