When bad meets good(SasuHina)

When bad meets good(SasuHina)

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NessieUchiha By NessieUchiha Updated Jul 17, 2016

I OWN NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Hinabi wait up! I need to change I'm not wearing appropriate clothes!"

"Father said to bring you to the Hokage as soon as possible!

"But all I'm wearing is a big t-shirt from Kiba that he let me have! Can we stop running?"

"NO! Now hurry up!"

Ugh why? What's so important that they have summon me at this time of hours?

"We here Hinata!"

"Ugh why me?" Hinata mumbled.

Hinabi opening the door almost taking the door off their hinges.

"Hinata is here lady Tsunade, daddy!" Hinabi said running out of breath.

"Thank you Hinabi, you may be dismissed"

"Yes ma'am." Hinabi said turning around walking out the door.

"Hinata why aren't you wearing appropriate clothes?" Hinata father ask.

"Sorry father, Hinabi told me it was a very important. That you and lady Tsunade summon me."

"Don't blame this on Hinabi" Hiashi said in a cold tone  that sent chills up everybody back in that office except Hinata, she was used to that.

Hinata thought that after the forth Shi...