Game on (boyxboy )(slash)

Game on (boyxboy )(slash)

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Titania-Queen of the fairies By moonlightwolves Completed

Hunter and Kyran are arch enemies.  They are both openly gay and enjoy the fact that they are good looking enough to turn even the straight boys of their highschool. 

despite this they are in constant competititon. every guy one wants the other automatically wants that one too. Then one night they make a bet. 

They were going to hunt each other. They have just one month to make the other fall in love with then or relinquish they right to prey on the boy of their high school. 

how will they cope when they start to really fall in love with each other as old secrets rare their heads trying to destroy their yet non-existent relationship. 

I'm not very good at description but there's a really hot  sex scene on a motorbike

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LazySide LazySide Mar 17, 2017
The summary 😂.....I was gonna read it eventually anyway but hey I'm here
dumbwritttter dumbwritttter Jun 16, 2017
Um excuse me??? Heyy i love make up and just so u know i dont put make up so i can get someones attention- aint doing it for them. Im doing it because bitch i like to and i want to--we all slays in different ways so stfu. And putting make up is really enjoying its a r t.
LanehLove LanehLove Nov 24, 2017
Look sometimes it looks like they took a hatchet to the face without make up. Don't hate
LanehLove LanehLove Nov 24, 2017
Anyone else put this in their library just because it said sex scene on a motor bike?
geekiechicforall13 geekiechicforall13 Jun 11, 2017
"Why can't guys just be Happy with the muscles they're born with?"
                              *middle finger emoji*
Kappayokai Kappayokai Mar 20
I'm happy with my face and I don't use make-up at all, I see it like waste of time and efforts(it's totally okay to care for your image but it just doesn't work with me)