Saving Seraphine [ONC2020]

Saving Seraphine [ONC2020]

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A Millennia ago Dragons of all kinds were cursed by an angry goddess. Ever since then, the entire species has been confined to human bodies, while the rest of the world either believes Dragon's no longer exists, or they never did. 

Seraphine Barry has always felt like she was meant to do something more with her life. After surviving an attack that killed her mother, she was thrown into Foster care where she spent her childhood bouncing from family to family. Now at the age of twenty-five Seraphine is out in the real world trying to navigate life with her best friends, Hailey and Joe. All while trying to figure out where she truly belongs. 

Everything changes the night of the Valentine's mingle. She kisses the most gorgeous man she's ever laid eyes on, but with that kiss comes visions, of what she's not so sure. Nightmares and dreams she hasn't had in years return along with some weird side effects. Seraphine is convinced this man is the answer to figuring out what is happening to her. 

As things come to light, Seraphine begins to remember the past, and she has to learn who to trust and who is out to get her. Seraphine must decide weather the man she's now suddenly fallen for has been sent to help her save herself and her kind, or if he's just another enemy waiting to find her weakness and expose her secret to the world.