Sweet Caroline (Watty Awards 2011)

17 Part Story 40.4K Reads 761 Votes
TheWeirdOne01 By TheWeirdOne01 Completed
9 year old Caroline Sweet has a strange yet spectacular life: she lives in a beautiful country park with her mum, where she never has to go to school and can play in her special walled garden. But her happiness is threatened when her mum dies just a month before her birthday. There she is sent to live with her wealthy godfather in London where his wife doesn't want Caroline at all. Will she ever move on after her mum's sudden death? What secrets will she uncover along the way?
I love this! Very descriptive and well written, no spelling errors :) keep up the good work!
You started off the right way! I really like the ending of this, it was very dramatic and was amazing. I think you know exactly what the reader wants, an original story like this! *votes*
ooh well i like the way u ended it! This is what happened......VERY DRAMATIC, well u hav to read on to find out what happens by reading the next chapter so great writing skills. The story is great! Voted.
Oh I really liked this x3 It was sooo cuute and innocent and awwwhh! I love how you wrote the part where shes like even as a baby she was picky x3 i laughed at that part. The ending was also coolio and made me wonder what went wrong with such a perfect life :3 you definitely got my vote
I really liked it. You start off with her happy and then boom disaster strikes although you don't know the full story yet..
I like the start and it seems popular! Just recommend you make it a bit longer! ;)