The Player Won't Leave Me Alone (Discontinued)

The Player Won't Leave Me Alone (Discontinued)

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Miles11011 By Miles11011 Updated Jul 09, 2016

Carter is a player. Sure he may not have the best reputation but hey, he's hot, funny, and knows how to treat a girl, for a limited time period that is.

ANY girl would do ANYTHING to become number 1 on his list.

But Renee, well, she'll do just about anything to get OFF his list.

And for Carter? Well, that just won't do.



*NOTE: Many of you are probably here because of 'The Bad Boy Stole My Notebook', but for those of you who aren't, I just wanted to let you know that this is a seperate story and that you don't have to read 'The Bad Boy Stole My Notebook' before reading this to know what is going on.  

BUT, I would encourage you to read it first, because even though this is a seperate story it might make more sense if you read the other one first.

    JaydenNicoleConn JaydenNicoleConn Feb 09, 2016
    this book is good so far, BUT THE BAD BOY WHO STOLE MY NOTEBOOK WAS GREEEEEAAAAT!!!!!!
    typical-_-teen typical-_-teen Dec 09, 2016
    I thought it was going to say "The bad boy stole my bra"  I love that book
    Twonye Twonye Dec 06, 2015
    @Fantasy_Chick16 Definitely dedicating a chapter in my book to you, this saying is amazing.
    AnArtGirl AnArtGirl Nov 24, 2015
    I am SO excited to read this. I just finished reading TBBSMN and i cant get over it so i'm reading this :p
    AnArtGirl AnArtGirl Nov 24, 2015
    There's a saying that goes  like this;
                                  “sweet as sugar, cold as ice. Hurt me once, and i’ll break you twice”