Vampirism | ✓

Vampirism | ✓

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Saint Caliendo By saintc Completed

Wern Muller is always hungry.

Unfortunately, eating for Wern is not as easy as grabbing takeout. Wern can only feed on the traumatic memories of people and animals. It's an exhausting and thought eroding experience, but Wern has to eat, or very bad things happen. To make it easier, Wern works in places where he is in close contact with traumatized individuals.

Haruto Sato makes Wern hungry. 

Sato, a user of the food bank where Wern works, is dripping in trauma. Wern can see the memories slither and hiss on his neck and shoulders. The memories whisper to Wern, enticing him like sauce on dumplings. 

 Haruto could quench Wern's hunger for a full year...

So why won't Wern feed on him?


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