"Cold Hearted" (Exo D.O)

"Cold Hearted" (Exo D.O)

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Ahn Jae:

- Really a down-to-earth type of person. 

- Parents died, brother is in America for work.

- Hard working.

- Speaks different languages.

- Hates drama.

Do Kyungsoo:

- Ice King.

- Part of the popular school group Exo.

- Rich and Hard working (Sometimes).

- Beat boxes, sings.

- Doesn't really care about much stuff.

Gu Jung:

- Jae's bestfriend.

- Sweet and funny.

- Smart.

- One of the ulzzangs in school.

- Develops feelings for Jae over time.

Ahn Dae Jung:

- Jae's older brother (by 5 years).

- Funny and stupid sometimes.

- Hard working though.

- Currently working and stationed in Los Angeles.

- Protective type of guy.

The 12 Boys:

That one group full of weird, charismatic, irritating guys. They have looks that kill and talents that makes every one faint. Can be irritating and stuck up at times. Other times they are very cute and protective.

- Kim Min Seok (Xiumin)

- Lu Han (Luhan)

- Wu Yi Fan (Kris)

- Kim Joon Myeon (Suho)

- Zhang Yixing (Lay)

- Byun...

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EXOL_ARMY03 EXOL_ARMY03 Sep 04, 2017
Knee high socks not my style.......seriously ....😝😝😝
EXOL_ARMY03 EXOL_ARMY03 Sep 04, 2017
Jongin you damn slayer, put Kyungsoo in check. I WANT MY SQUISHY BACK!!!!!!!!@
I thought it said may not be the one and I was like 'but you were just saying how cute she is?'and had to reread it
clairevoyages clairevoyages Nov 01, 2017
I usually don't bring books, because I always use my small bag
EXOL_ARMY03 EXOL_ARMY03 Sep 04, 2017
Why do they say that??? I find that to be a really unique custom...
I love knee high socks. And thank u for not making uniform have skirts I hate skirts