Michael jackson adopted Me?! My Story

Michael jackson adopted Me?! My Story

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My name is Jordannye Elizabeth Katherine Taylor Michael Jackson. 

I am now old enough to explain about myself and the first few years I've had on this earth.  

I was two years old when I was left on the steps of The Children Of Tomorrow orphanage Of Santa Fe, California, by my abductor that I innocently called "daddy." 

I lived two years with him in complete terror, hell, and abuse. 

Then a bright light shone when he finally gave me away and I was left In an orphanage, but i didn't really have a chance of being adopted. 

After all, who would want a little two year old girl with bruises, cuts, and scars all over her and was too meek To speak? 

Then I was adopted by the king of pop, Michael Jackson. 

After that, my life became better by the millimeter. 

Then, something happened that made me realize that I've been living in complete lies.

Copyright 2014, October 26.

This story is the private property of MichaelJackson_3312. Any other copies or rewrites will be prosecuted.

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solosinger100 solosinger100 Feb 17, 2016
That's good you don't eat that much. You don't want to be fat?
clarissad43 clarissad43 Dec 24, 2015
I'm just confused as to how she has so many memories of being 2 years old
my99by my99by Jul 21, 2015
......Butterflies wasn't written until 2001.... I'm sorry I had to point it. I'm loving the story so far!
MichaelJacksonFan100 MichaelJacksonFan100 Mar 07, 2015
he a bitch you need to let that beautiful child eat or else....
Therealmrsjackson7 Therealmrsjackson7 Feb 02, 2015
she is so cute.. aww!!! she shouldn't have been treated like that.
Therealmrsjackson7 Therealmrsjackson7 Feb 02, 2015
smh... why they treat her like that.. she was right to hope they crash. smh