My Teacher and Me (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

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Mia McIntosh was just a student at secondary school with perfect grades... especially in Maths, but only since the most gorgeous man took over as her teacher after her old one retired. Mr Styles. He was gorgeous, he had dazzling emerald eyes, a perfect crooked smile that made her weak at the knees, and his voice... oh my god his voice! So deep, so raspy. He is perfect and after attempting to get closer to him by getting help with her work every single lesson, he was no longer her teacher... but something more. Her life was never going to be the same again, and she knew it. They both did.
 oh my gosh! I thought he said he loved her! I was like wtf. 
Cooler system when he come up he be blazin up got stacks on deck like he saving up
Oh yeah.. I'm really sorry I didn't mean to offend you :( I apologize cuz I didn't read it 
                                    I understand now
                                    sorry again
One Chapter tells alot of things ...Its REALLY GOING TO FAST.
WHOA first day of school and he's already inviting her to his apartment, well dayum
Literally me right now omg, well in the morning that will be me