22 signs a boy is crushing on you | ✔️

22 signs a boy is crushing on you | ✔️

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♛ Want to know if a boy is crushing on you?

♛ Or if a boy you have a crush on likes you back?

♛ You've come to the right place. ツ

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My friend said he was stalking me threw a classroom window when I was outside and looking toward the street while she was facing the other way...should I be flattered or run?
imzhajian imzhajian Jul 20
nusblid (nosebleed) ako sa mga comments hahahahaha😂😂😂
how am i freaking supposed to know if i am not looking omg im such a fail at this
Juqiter Juqiter Apr 20
I catch him staring at me and when I do we just stare at each other for a while
OnFireCat OnFireCat Jun 04
And how I will realize that he is staring at me if I'm not looking at him? 😃
                              Tell me if the phrase is well written: the English is not my main language but I'm learning :3 
                              I can teach you Spanish 7u7
Funny, I do that to him 😂 I don't think my crush likes me though... my poor soul.