Cooking With The Dead (Abandoned)

Cooking With The Dead (Abandoned)

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Mal By MalfunctioningMind Updated May 03

"Please tell me that's tomato sauce and not blood."

"Nonsense! Tomato sauce has a completely different texture than blood."


Changing her adress in the middle of a semester after a nasty breakup and to spite her father isn't the best descision on Savannah's part.

But the apartment is nice, refurbished, close to her college and comes very very ridiculously cheap because apparently, someone died there a few decades ago. 

It's the perfect place for her and she jumped at the first chance to start fresh.

Sure, there are some legal issues concerning ownership, the building straddling the line between being in the bad part of town and her disturbing lack of survival skills which her best friend swears upon. But she is a grown adult and she could handle it just fine. 

However, she would soon realise her mistake when there are two not-quite-human apparitions floating in her kitchen, arguing about the best way to make an omlette and Google doesn't know how to deal with that.


My entry for the Open Novella Contest.

Prompt: The ghosts in my house wouldn't be so bad if they could stop trying to cook.