Promise of the World [Canaan, Book 1]

Promise of the World [Canaan, Book 1]

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Essairyn had never felt truly alive on Earth. It felt like something was missing ever since she was born, but even after twenty years of mundane living, she could never pinpoint what this or the emptiness in her heart was. 

Suddenly, she awakens in a grandiose, primordial forest and encounters both demons and spirits in a parallel world called Sol'h'meyr. She befriends, in particular, a sassy fox-spirit named Akari who just reincarnated after three millennia. 

Essairyn is an abnormal human with elemental powers, and Akari is being chased by those of her dark past. Together, they set out on an adventure in a world of magic, danger, mystery, and intrigue. 

But this not a game. That simple adventure is actually the modest beginnings in a chain of disruptions that tear even the dimensional fabric of time and space. No one, not even Essairyn, was who she thought she was. And not even the gods can change the destiny of the universes... 

A single promise shook eternity's existence. 

- Fantasy || Adventure || Romance || Action || Mystery || Drama || Science Fiction -

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Expectations for this Story:
Immersive adventuring experience inside an intricate, magical world.  Vivid imagery and deep characterization. Quirky magic system with mysterious elements and history. An original spin on the classic portal fantasy/isekai/waking up in another world interweaved with a science fiction twist. Scattered allusions and easter eggs. Builds expectations of future events to then defy that prediction. Slow-burn romance and complex, realistic relationships. Seriousness with a dash of humor.