Dreamcatcher (ONC 2020 Shortlist | Honorable Mention) ✔

Dreamcatcher (ONC 2020 Shortlist | Honorable Mention) ✔

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A.B. Channing By SmokeAndOranges Completed

❖ "We're at six thousand feet, Cap'n. There shouldn't be land at six thousand feet." ❖ 

Rav is apprenticed by his father's wishes on an airship as unsettling as the deliveries it makes. The Dreamcatcher's owner is the only captain on the continent who will sail any cargo through any part of the sky. Even parts nobody else will go. 

So when the ship gets caught in a storm and left rudderless in the Khaalee Navachandr, a ship-eating crescent in the middle of the ocean, nobody is coming to rescue them. Their only hope is to reach land to make repairs. 

The land they find, though, might only bring more trouble.


ONC 2020 entry. Shortlisted. Honorable Mention: Stunning Worlds. Complete.

Comments and critiques are both welcome and appreciated. I write characters from many different backgrounds, with many different experiences. If you share those traits and find that I have misrepresented anything, please let me know! I am feedback-friendly and here to learn  :)

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