Loving the football player

Loving the football player

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Elena By __Elena__97 Completed

Danielle Adams is the smartest girl in the school. She's the tutor of the hottest guy in her school. Although she is hit on by Ethan, the hottest guy, and everything in her life is in track until the day everything changed.

    The football team of a different school comes to the school because their school was destroyed. Everything seems to be going well; she is making new friends even the guys from the other team. But this one specific dude is not getting a hint that she's not interested.

    But after Ethan's party that both of them are invited, everything change.

    What happens when you put two football teams from different schools that are actually opponents, a love triangle and lots of misunderstandings? One word...chaos!

Cover by @fearsomebear

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Drinking game! Take a shot every time she says ‘high school’
kkneedalife kkneedalife 2 days ago
She got the duighll at the party and you know he was waiting for that puhhhh