The Dreamweaver's Daughter | #ONC2020

The Dreamweaver's Daughter | #ONC2020

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Recognized by the Open Novella Contest 2020: *Ambassador's Pick * Shortlist * Honorable Mention*

To break his family's curse, Faolan mac Domnall seeks to marry the beautiful Saoirse, princess of Mide. Spirited and outspoken, the wild Saoirse wants nothing more than to escape the life that's been decided for her. Determined to outmaneuver a twist of fate and win her hand, Faolan searches between worlds to find the mysterious dreamweaver's daughter.

Cursed, Siofra has lived as an outcast of both the human and faerie worlds. With only her magical weaving as company, she finds herself tempted by the promise of companionship. Despite the risks, she agrees to help the steadfast Faolan - even if it means he will someday leave her.

When curses threaten to unravel their destinies, all three will need everything they have to survive: courage, cleverness, and something stronger than even faerie magic.

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