Forget me lots❀Wattpad Picks: Hidden Gems❀ ✔︎

Forget me lots❀Wattpad Picks: Hidden Gems❀ ✔︎

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Seventeen-year-old Dawn Gray Brooks knows how to ride a whirlwind. 

She has her mother, her dog Clover, and the twins. She has her yellow bicycle parked in the shed of her new, light-blue clad home which she'll use to pedal to her new school. And, she has her dad, who tells her stories from when she was a little girl. Who calls her 'baby bee', and who shouldn't be there but is.

New home, new beginning. Same dark clouds over her head. Same stormy nights and heaviness of heart. Dawn doesn't tell anyone anything. Not about her wish to listen to the wind and float adrift, not about the new boy with a watery name who happens to notice her ragged, pink dress and thick, leather fairytale book or about the day they first met by Elsie's lake. She doesn't tell anyone about her dad-because he's dead. Dawn knows better than to share her little secret...

But a chaotic afternoon by the lake unravels the tethers that hold Dawn steady, and Dad's voice starts to disappear. With all comfort gone, will it be easier, better, sweeter to ride her whirlwind and fade away? Or maybe stay, fight harder to bring her father back to her. Or maybe there's a third option in the tide of this boy's eyes that she can't quite see yet.

This is a heart-wrenching story about love and grief, family, and friendship. It explores the hard, bewildering, and beautiful places loss can take us and will remind you of your own first love-and how deep it pulled you under. 

❀Written for the 2020 ONC contest, based on Prompt 4: When something tragic happens, it's often said we lose a piece of ourselves. How far would you go to find these lost parts in order to be whole again?