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leesib By leesib Updated Nov 29, 2015

I put myself in the jail of envy and bitterness.
And it constantly suffocates me. 
You took away the stars of my night and the sun in my day 
In the end, there are only clouds left in darkness 
My future seems blurry.

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Miyuki_Yumi Miyuki_Yumi Jan 03
Who Jimin? Yoongi? Both? Their son? Woozi? Lmao sorry I love every one I listed I'm so sorry XDDD
Miyuki_Yumi Miyuki_Yumi Jan 03
I like how it's not even girl or women... it's just female lmao XD
VinaVGo VinaVGo Oct 17, 2016
U know wat? I give up! Whenever someone calls "Hy-ah!", I'll just read it as if a girl chopped a wooden plank during karate class
VinaVGo VinaVGo Oct 17, 2016
1) For a second there, I was so freaking confused. I though Mi Cha exclaimed something like when you chop a plank with your karate skills; like "HAAA YAHH!"
                              2) Don't 'Hy' and 'Hye' have the same pronunciation? Correct me if I'm wrong