TaNgoFiSh  (#ONC2020)

TaNgoFiSh (#ONC2020)

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Carol Anne Shaw By WriterOnTheIsland Completed

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TANGERINE FISHER, otherwise known as Tangofish, has a pretty great life. She gets good grades at school, her parents actually like each other, and the indomitable Theresa Jayne Baker, aka "TJ", has been her bestie since the first grade. TJ is everything Tango isn't: brave, extroverted, smart and beautiful. And every time Tango trips, TJ is there to catch her. Tango and TJ; two peas in a pod, until the day all that comes to an end.

Suddenly Tango is on her own, and without T.J, she's not sure how to be. Or who she is.

As she slips further and further into darkness, she feels more and more alone. It isn't until she meets Skittles, a streetsmart 13-year-old, that she finally sees a small glimmer of light within the shadows. But is Tango too far gone to find her way back to herself?

TANGOFISH is my entry for the #OpenNovellaContest2020. I chose prompt #4 in the "Contemporary and General Fiction" section:

"When something tragic happens, it's often said we lose a piece of ourselves. How far would you go to find those lost parts of yourself in order to be whole again?"