Who's D Bodyguard?

Who's D Bodyguard?

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Srishti By srishtishobu Completed

Sana Collen,  a girl following her dream and living life to her fullest.

Eric Roger, heir to a multimillionaire company ,follows his own dream.

Same year, same college , they become friends. But as threat looms over Eric, maybe they become just more than friends......with Sana to look out for him.

So what happens when Eric comes to know that maybe Sana is not just a colleague?
As more and more truths are revealed , the relations will change ...........

Hope you will enjoy later chapters more as compared to earlier ones..:)
Do give it a try :)

SauserAnna SauserAnna Jul 16
I love that u r totally ok with corrections. I hate authors that take it offensively when u give them advice or constructive criticism.
darklord666 darklord666 Nov 01, 2015
Here's one of your mistakes- writing this book just kiding though I didn't see much of action in the first few chapters
SarcasmIsJealousOfMe SarcasmIsJealousOfMe Mar 23, 2015
I love you already because if I wasn't so lazy and wrote, I would've been like " don't correct me or I'm gonna hunt you down and feed u to my dog!"
srishtishobu srishtishobu Jan 13, 2015
                              I'll try to improve it when I edit the book...thanks :)
itsukiryu itsukiryu Jan 12, 2015
You need more editing, grammar isnt great, punctuation isnt at places where it needs to be but overall the story is great. You dont have proper spacing, as in spaces between commas and after sentences. But its good. :)
srishtishobu srishtishobu Jan 08, 2015
                              thank u ... hope it turns out less girlish later :)