The Beautiful Barton Boys

The Beautiful Barton Boys

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Chessa Andersen By chessaandersen Updated Apr 19

In a Minnesota farming community, the Barton sisters - Brielle, Delphine, Laramie, and Marcheline - are well known for two reasons (three if being star players on a state championship basketball team in high school counts): their childhood nicknames, Brian, Dell, Luke, and Mark, and their mom quietly leaving them with their dad.

Brian, the oldest sister, remembers their mom as being beautiful and perfect and blames their dad for driving her away. Dell once believed the life she was meant to experience would begin when she left for college, but an unexpected pregnancy leads her back home. Although Luke was too young to remember their mom, she is reminded any time she looks in the mirror. Mark just wonders how a mother could away from a husband and four daughters.

When their mom unexpectedly reappears in town, the sisters seek answers to lifelong questions, discover hidden truths, and wonder what the future holds for them as a family.

RATED M for MATURE AUDIENCES due to strong language -- the f-bomb is used quite frequently.

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Book cover designed by Paige Montgomery
Photo courtesy of Yuriy Kovtun @ dreamstime