Arranged Marriage (wattys2015)

Arranged Marriage (wattys2015)

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23 year old Arianna Anderson thought her life was borderline perfect until her father gambled everything they owned and forced her to marry Lucas Carter.

28 year old Lucas Carter  CEO of Carter Hotels could have anything he desired and doesn't take shit from anyone. His cold demeanor warned everyone away and when Mark Anderson lost a bet, he took his most prized possession. His daughter.

Will love be able to bring Arianna and Lucas together? Only time will tell but nothing is ever easy when Lucas Carter is involved.

*WARNING This book contains some sexual content and adult language.

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Yo!!! Your dad is the one that gambled don't hit the poor man!!
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Sorry that saving lives doesn't live up to your expectations
LauraEBrown LauraEBrown Feb 10, 2016
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