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For Kilco Escamilla life is underwhelming glum and it's all thanks to the incident that shall not be named: aptly titled because even a mere whisper of it is enough to send her mother, the infallible Doctor Kira, running to her office clutching a bottle of whiskey for solace. 

Lost in an endless cycle of petty crime encouraged by daydreams of heroic grandeur, when Doctor Kira is offered a position as head physician of the resistance army neighbouring country of Ascot, Kilco tags along to the refugee camp at the base of the Armoury - a colossal sacred tree within which all the Kingdoms races sit together as equal armourers to determine their own shared fate. There's only one issue - the armourers have all been slaughtered by one of their own.   

Underwhelmed by this mystery as everything else in life, Kilco takes on work sitting in medical isolation with Ilya - a member of a mysterious red-eyed race of assassins. There, the two become quick friends and Kilco finally finds something to bring light to her days. But as Ilya begins to recover, Kilco begins to panic about losing her new friend and source of joy until she is approached by a dark being who swears to make Ilya stay always by her side, if only Kilco brings him to the armoury. chase her own destiny, a decision that could have deadly consequences.

Updated on Tuesdays and Fridays, Remnants of atonement is a slow-burn , age-hybrid YA dark fantasy with equally dark humour that examines how trauma and societies reaction to it effects how we view ourselves and our ability to interact with the world around us.

Please note: There are no Fantasy sexy gay wizard billionaires in this story. There is a billionaire warlock but his sexiness and gayness is negotiable. 

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