Having A Slater's Love

Having A Slater's Love

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Kenz By PrinceKenzie Completed

First book in The Silver Woods series

Christian Carlisle is future Alpha of the Silver Lake Pack. Turning eighteen in a week he knows that responsibility is around the corner, but he doesn't really care. Christian goes to a school that is filled with pack members, literally. Every single person in the school belongs to his pack. So it's no surprise when a new "human" student shows up in an R8 Spyder, that the student body is curious. Christian has no idea that this new student is going to make his world a lot more complicated. Especially when the new "human" student turns out to be the strongest Alpha around.

Cameron Slater is the Alpha of the Shadow Woods Pack, the largest and strongest pack in the states. Having only had the position for a few months, Cameron is a young man that is always on the move. With a huge pack, it comes to no surprise that his life is stressful and chaotic, but Cameron is determined to be the best Alpha he can be. For that to happen, he needs his mate and he finds his mate in the form of his childhood best friend Christian. With a wolf that's hard to control and a mate that will not submit Cameron is in for a tiring ride, but he wouldn't have it or Christian any other way.

How will Christian feel, Having A Slater's Love?

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rr for like the third time finally realising the numbers on the covers
LazySide LazySide Aug 05
I never actually read the specific series. I started with Diesel and Sky's book. Oops.
I'm so curious are Nasir and Fitz mates or does Nasir mate with Sarah??? I just really want him and Fitz together and I just really want to know!!!
Totally giving this a read. My last name is Slater too 😂😂 Cam and I are distant relatives
Rereading the whole series cause im running out of good books to read
Imma reread everything again cause I love and forgot a lot of things already