Unwanted (BoyxBoy) ~Completed~

Unwanted (BoyxBoy) ~Completed~

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   "I deserve just as much pain as she gives me." He said fully meaning it and crushing my heart all at once.
   "No you don't. You are just a broken person both inside and out and all you need is to be fixed. When you're fixed there is nothing but beauty deep in you." I told him truthfully as he looked into my eyes with his shining with tears. In that moment all I could do was feel my heart break for this beautiful boy.
   But something else was there and it was that I cared for him too. I was starting to fall for Andy. Before I could comprehend what was happening, I slowly leaned towards him and gave him a gentle kiss on his lips. It only lasted a couple of seconds, but it was enough to tell him that he wasn't alone. That he had me and together we could get through this.


*Attention:THIS STORY IS VERY VERY POORLY WRITTEN!!!!!! VERY VERY BAD!!!!!!!! It's gotten more popular than I thought it would be and for that I'm embarrassed because it's not my best work. You're free to be however critical you want to be on this<3

CODXK20 CODXK20 Apr 02
Kinda hard to believe there are schools filled with kids who are like this.
joslife joslife Sep 10
And you are automatically my child! I wanna protect u and tell u it's okay
luvedove4u luvedove4u May 15, 2015
Teacher, never around when you need them. always around when you don't
skyler_skaterxD skyler_skaterxD Oct 02, 2014
im tearing up and not passed the first page why me and him are the same person just im a girl
FrancesluvBOF FrancesluvBOF Aug 19, 2014
OMG that's exactly what I think when I read stories and the protagonist is getting bullied at school
FrancesluvBOF FrancesluvBOF Aug 19, 2014
I don't even know why I'm laughing right now but I just can't stop