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gallantry By gallantry Updated Jul 02

The small town of Norwich was once a peaceful, relaxed, and well known settlement; but nothing ever stays the same. Soon animals began to ram themselves into cars, delivering their own suicides. Fish began to fling themselves onto land, in the hopes of dying out. Dogs began to bark relentlessly into the night. This could mean only one thing;

The Beast is near.

Lycan | Romance | Dark-Mystery

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  • mystery
  • romance
  • scary
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fondrose fondrose Mar 02, 2016
im here bc the description sounded like teen wolf and now im interested
Lou_215 Lou_215 Nov 01, 2015
I really love the way the writer has made the book classy. Like how a book should be. Thumbs up for making your book as if it was an actual printed copy.
LalTluangi LalTluangi Aug 14, 2015
This Intro was a great way to open the characters to the readers
indiestylxs indiestylxs Dec 13, 2014
wow you are an extremely amazing author. I can already tell this story will be amazing. you're writing is so graphic and intriguing! I love it
floatinganchors floatinganchors Sep 08, 2014
                              this is just
-bibliosmia -bibliosmia Aug 25, 2014
why are all the people that help other people or good  graphic makers the best writers on here? its not fair. anyways this is really beautiful writing. im not a fan of werewolf stories so i probably wont read it but i will suggest it to some of my wattpad friends that like these sort of books!